"My kids loved [your talks on liquid nitrogen and time travel], and I thought you were brilliant, a real life scientist who is funky, funny and cool. Not what I was expecting at all.... The thing that impressed me was my 9 year old little girl thought you were extremely cool for a Doctor and actually thought it would be cool if you could play the new Dr Who."

- Phil O'Brien, parent at WexWorlds

"Thank you so much for the talk you gave yesterday. After you left, I spoke to many of the students and they really enjoyed it and it provoked much thought. I also really enjoyed it and refreshed my memory of stuff I did at university over 20 yrs ago and have not visited since. It was really great."

- Ray Garrett, Castle Rushen High School

"We've heard many compliments about the programme [at Interaction]. Needless to say, your contribution to this was essential. We are grateful to you for lending us your knowledge and your time, and look forward to working with you in the future at other conventions. Thanks again for your help."

- Ian and the Interaction Programme staff

"Thank you for looking after the students in a way that helped them to enjoy and benefit from the day, and thank you again for your session which, as you read for yourself in the feedback, was both enjoyed and praised for its content."

- Radka Newby, Physics in Action