Festivals & Conventions

I have been involved with a number of festivals and conventions.

Science Fiction Conventions

I regularly attend science fiction conventions, where I often give science-based talks and demonstrations to a general audience of various ages.

I was the Resident Scientist for the Young Adult Fun Activities programme at Interaction, the 63rd World Science Fiction convention, which also involved finding ways to inject educational scientific content into non-science-based programme items and being on hand throughout the convention to answer any scientific questions asked by young people and their parents.

In 2009 & 2010 I was heavily involved with the science programme at Eoin Colfer's WexWorlds literature convention in Ireland, writing and delivering several lectures to the general public.

Science Festivals

I have given demonstrations and lectures at several Science Festivals, including the Cheltenham Science Festival where I helped the Space Dog team with their Time Machine exhibit. The exhibit was designed to explain the fundamental concepts of Einstein’s General Relativity to anyone from age 8 upwards. I checked the scientific accuracy of their main script and was also on hand at the festival to answer questions and provide explanations to the public. This involved dressing up in historical costume, to fit in with the “time machine” theme, and talking to both adults and children, many of whom arrived convinced that they could not possibly begin to get to grips with something so complicated but left surprised at how much they understood, which was an extremely satisfying experience.